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Wendy is a results-oriented coach recognizing that the ‘process’ of coaching is unique to each individual. She understands that change in one’s beliefs is foundational for behavioural change. Her supportive style, uncanny insight, her education and experience in psychology, human behavior, leadership and neuroscience allow her to bring a breadth and scope to coaching that produces remarkable change.

After coaching nine managers in a government agency (six or more sessions):

  • Engagement – Workplace engagement scores improved by an average of 24%
  • Productivity – Workplace productivity rose by an average of 16%

After coaching five people over a four month period, utilizing the brain health strategy:

  • Productivity, initiative and motivation, and emotional self-management improved an average of 38%
  • Conflict management skills and assertiveness improved by an average of 36%
  • Over-stress traits including: low energy, feeling overwhelmed, obsessive thinking, irritability and poor sleep all improved by 75 to 88%


Improved Confidence and Business Results:

Deep set limiting beliefs were holding me back. Wendy easily took me to where I needed to go to release and heal these limiting beliefs. The results keep coming in. My business is more successful. My personal life has improved with feelings of greater freedom and confidence in myself and my decisions. Every time I have a session with Wendy I feel more able to be who I am truly meant to be. Wendy is a trustworthy, knowledgeable, skilled professional. Her work with me has truly transformed my life. 

32 year old female, Business Owner, Entrepreneur


Coaching with powerful questions and empathy: 

Wendy is an exceptional coach. In my career, I've rarely come across a coach with such a balance of empathy, skill, and wisdom. She genuinely cares for people; asks powerful questions, desires their growth; and possesses the training and tools to help people reach the next level. I recommend her without reservation. 

Jeff Nikkel, LLC Executive Coach at Trailhead Coaching, Colorado

Self-awareness is key: The blinders came off when I started working with Wendy Turner-Larsen. She helped me to see what I couldn’t, understand who I am and build skills I didn’t have. She taught me how to suspend judgement, recognize when my ego was demanding attention, when I felt insecure and what to do about it. These are but a few of Wendy’s many gifts.  When I compare who I was with who I am today, I am humbled by the transformational change in the way I think and behave and grateful for whatever fate connected Wendy and I. Ready to begin the journey of a lifetime? Work with someone who stands for your success. Get Wendy on your team and work with someone who sees you clearly, understands what you need and teaches you to be a better, healthier person.

Corporate Director National Organization

Career Transition goals more successful by addressing the real issues: 

Wendy Turner-Larsen has been an enormous help to me as I have navigated through a major transformation in my life and career. She knows just the right questions to ask to ensure I stay true to my heart. She also has provided excellent tools to help me shift from unproductive thoughts to focused and positive energy. Wendy is an absolutely outstanding life and career coach. 

Female, Previous CEO

More mindful and relaxed. Frenetic energy gone!

Confident. Relaxed. Calm. Mindful. These are things I longed to be. I did not like the fact that internally my mind was telling me that I was not good enough, that I did not belong in my role, that I wasn’t a good enough mother and wife. To those around me I was perceived as over confident, driven, pushy and perhaps not aware of the impact I was having in my interactions with others.  This is not who I was on the inside. Then I was introduced to amino acids – the building blocks of life.  Amino acids are critical for healthy neurotransmitter functions and they can be depleted over time, or due to a traumatic or stressful event. Who knew?! Within 24 hours of taking my first few doses of amino acids I had slept through the night and my digestion significantly improved…how could this be? The veil of “frenetic energy” that had been buzzing around me seemed to disappear. Individuals who know me would say, “You seem so relaxed” or “you are reacting differently in meetings, are you OK”…OK, I was fantastic. My mind was clear and my physical body was performing like it hadn’t for years - I was me! What does that look like – confident, relaxed, calm and mindful, being the mother and wife I want to be, able to get things done at work with the same efficiency and speed while having a positive impact on others. It is nothing short of miraculous! 

47 yo Middle Management, National Organization


Personal Excellence 2 Day Workshop + Group Coaching Followup: As I reflect on walking through the doors of the first day of the women’s network session, it is incredible the growth I have achieved but it all started on that day. I thought the two day session would be women sharing our struggles and barriers in advancement however I was surprised with the internal exploration that would occur. My entire life has been filled with low self-regard and constant self-doubting beliefs and I muddled my way through life attempting to execute confidence, desire to achieve success and for recognition and acceptance for those around me both personally and professionally. My journey began at the women’s network, peeling back the layers I had created over a lifetime to see them for what they were. They were unfounded beliefs I had been carrying around my life although those that I loved and cared about were always telling me different, I did not believe I was worthy of their recognition and love. I set out to change that, to allow others to see past the façade I created to protect myself and to see me vulnerable. It takes time and small steps however I set a goal for myself at the women’s network to share my journey through my son’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis which was the lowest and most difficult part of my life that was a secret to those around me in front of 500 women at a gala. And I did it. The experience leading up to was difficult and painful and uncomfortable but it has been invaluable. I shared with those women my deepest darkest secrets and I didn’t feel shame, I felt free and empowered. And it hasn’t stopped, I continue to dig a little deeper and learn more about myself and see how else I can evolve so that the best possible me is here at work and at home.

Susan Team Lead, Conexus Credit Union

Wendy Turner-Larsen is an inspiring trainer in team building and professional development.  Through Personal Excellence and other workshops attended by our staff, Wendy provides a depth of expertise and insight that motivates personal and professional growth.  We have utilized team building and communication workshop strategies shared by Wendy to help with the challenges of change in a fast growing organization.  I highly recommend Wendy for her passion in team leadership and professional coaching.  She is a source of exceptional learning for the staff of Hope’s Home.  We will continue to look to her for ongoing development in emotional intelligence and professional growth. 

Jacqueline Tisher, RN   Executive Director  Hope’s Home Saskatchewan

Unlock beliefs and behaviors that impede business performance.

The Personal Excellence course offered many ‘aha’s’ to our team. Wendy Turner-Larsen masterfully unlocks beliefs and behaviors that impede business performance and teamwork. Her practical and engaging approach influenced even the most stubborn among us to take a good long look in the mirror and recognize self-created patterns.” 

Corporate Executive Vice President, National Organization

I am back at work sharing with everyone what a wonderful course it was.  All the others that I have been to always focus on the business aspect but your presentation focused on the person.  I learned a lot about myself and how I do have the power to control more than I realized.  Your past work experience and education is an interesting path which helped you gain all this knowledge You made the day enjoyable and education.  I certainly will recommend it to others. 

Senior Leader, University

Confidence improves, goals more achievable:

After attending Wendy Turner-Larsen’s “Fearless Women Group”, I have been inspired to put aside my limiting beliefs.  I came away feeling more confident about my goals and aspirations and the steps I know I am capable of taking towards them.  Although it may seem a bit ‘unnerving’ to some, the hypnotherapy was extremely relaxing and the setting allowed me to feel comfortable in a room with more than 20 participants. As the weeks progressed, I felt empowered and more open to take on challenges that I would not have considered previously.   Wendy’s ability to lead a group in hypnotherapy was amazing! I immediately found that I slept better, was generally more positive and in a better mood.  Her understanding and explanations to the group provided additional insights that added to the experience.  I would highly recommend this workshop! 

Certified Coach and Business Owner, Regina, SK

Personal Excellence for Women: This is an excellent course. Thank you for taking these 2 days to focus on those of us in this room. Great exercise to focus on “me” and can truthfully say I have never spent this much time “with/for” myself. I like it!


Resilience in the Workplace: I am leaving this workshop feeling refreshed and that I can do my job—I haven’t felt that way in a long time, so thank you very much!! 


Personal Excellence: I’ve learned this starts with me. This course will help with my current work situation.


Personal Excellence: Loved all the discussions, tests and the content. Best workshop I’ve taken yet for sure!


Resilience in the Workplace: I learned to be accountable for myself, to be more honest, direct and assertive. Very practical and hands on learning. I realize that stress is such a block to productivity.


Resilience and Stress Management at Work:

Practicing new techniques: Just wanted to say your seminar was very up-lifting. I went home at the end of the day feeling relaxed and refreshed. I am practicing techniques you shared and feel I can now face each day at work with a better attitude. 


This workshop (Emotional Intelligence) exceeded my expectations; almost made or disoriented me a bit (wow!); what teams can do and be! Thank you very much! 


Emotional Intelligence: Wendy has a great way about her. Making people feel at ease, delivering great info and pushing us to think harder, further…

multiple participants



Where do I begin….As an accredited coach, I know the value of coaching, whether one-on-one, group or team, so when the opportunity became available to have Wendy facilitate group coaching for several women in my department I was quite excited. What we experienced, what we shared and what I observed were impactful changes in terms of accelerated confidence in self, enhanced trust with each other, increased comfort in knowing and setting boundaries, and finally a concerted effort in making time for self. I now have a truly positive and confident group of women in various roles of leadership willing to take on almost anything expected of them. The feedback from the individuals was extremely positive, both in having the opportunity to participate in the coaching program, as well as having the opportunity so early on in their career!

Director in Government Organization